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For efficient lightweight construction, there is no way around topology optimization. The generation of CAD geometries based on topology optimization is very time-consuming and therefore very difficult to integrate into development processes



Lightweight construction is usually associated with additional costs. This is due on the one hand to expensive materials that are to be used and on the other hand to the higher effort to realize the complex optimized designs.

We are a team of experienced engineers from the fields of automotive, motorsport and aerospace with simulation, optimization and cad background. Our focus is on making lightweight construction affordable and accessible for everyone. We have made it our mission to save your money with lightweight design . We develop the lightest possible components in the manufacturing process you require in an unbeatable time.

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Reduction of the carbon footprint by protecting resources and using them with respect.

Mass saving no longer coincides with higher manufacturing cost. Keeping the same standard manufacturing method along with less material consumption leads to drastic reduction of part cost.

In general optimization leads to light, strong and stiff parts. But in addition to that Bionic Mesh Design enables a full carry over of designs generated with  methods like shape optimization to manufacturable CAD models to achieve for example a desired  NVH or ride and handling characteristics of suspension components .

Experience has shown a possible design time reduction of 50 to 90 percent compared 
to remodeling topology results in standard CAD. Due to a fast subdivision modeling process  design modifications  because of package changes can be done in real time.
Investigations of different manufacturing methods can be carried out with final CAD models.   
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